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Event and Crowded Space Courses

Event and Crowded Space Courses

Please find below a list of all the courses currently offered at level 5 by MOM.

Crowded Space

Managing and Supervising Crowded Space
Scientific Notions of Crowd Management & Practice
Working in Antisocial Environments
Crowd Observation, Monitoring & Intervention
Crowd Management Planning
Evacuation & Invacuation Planning
Crowd Dynamics & Modelling
Pit Management/Competency

Event Management

Scenario-Based Event Planning
Planning & Managing Live -Events (in-situ)
Planning & Logistics for Major Events in Crowded Spaces
Event Management & Leadership
Control Room Management
Scenario Planning and Table Top Exercises for the ELT
Event Technology
Legal Aspects of Event Management
Risk Assessment
Introduction to Sustainable Event management
Emergency & Crisis management
Disability Equality for the Live Event Environment


Roles and Responsibilities of Gold (Strategic) Command for Policing Public Order
Roles and Responsibilities of Silver (Operational) Command for Policing Public Order
Planning for an event and Tactical Options.
Decision Making and Human Rights for Public Order Policing