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London Fireworks: New Year’s Eve Tabletop



MOM has been servicing this event: run by Jack Morton Associates for the past eight years. It is a well run, well rehearsed and well attended table top with key figures from each of the organisations involved. These include the local authorities, the police, the security company, the transport police, the river police, Transport for London, other transport companies, paramedics, St John Ambulance, the fire service and many others.

Project Brief

To facilitate a number of scenarios which will test all of those present and to ensure that there is a brief back of the major issues which may take place on the night and how these will be dealt with


The main issue this year was that for the first time the crowd would be paying customers and those working on the event had no idea how they would react on the night of the event


The table top went very well but was more cautious than in recent years owing to the unknown. However, the event went off without a hitch showing that clear planning and excellent development is a key factor in the delivery of such high profile events.