Mind Over Matter | Crowded Space Education


I would say that the three days of learning on this MOM course was more enjoyable than university or any other course I have been on.
The delivery was very engaging. I usually can find times to switch off, but it wasn’t possible during these modules!
An engaging and practical problem solving day, which was both challenging and enjoyable
An intense learning experience which will captivate you and leave you wanting to learn more
The knowledge injected into the modules from others on the course was very beneficial
Chris has a lot of information/experience to share (all good and I really enjoyed listening to it!)
Chris is an extremely knowledgeable tutor who kept everyone engaged throughout the learning experience
Being able to network with other area’s was great as I was able to relate to their experiences and see how they have resolved similar issues
Such a practical way of approaching learning is invaluable in the event industry

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